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About Us
Hi I'm Corey Mason , I've been living in the area for almost 20 years now, making my way from Central California in my early 20's.   With a background in restuarant, transportation and even some medical. I previously helped run and develope E's-y Rider Cab & Transportation company in Buena Vista, Va. We've got to a point where I was able to step away from the company and start something on my own. I love working with the public, I love making people smile and seeing them enjoying life.  My goal is to creat a healthy lifestyle for both myself and my customers, by creating an inspirational area to enjoy a delicious and healthy smoothie while chatting with friends or getting a wrap and cup of soup over a great conversation with your loved ones.  With so much negativity in the world I choose to bring in a little more brightness. A little more cheer & kindness. 
Our Story
Healthier options have been the idea from day one. Opening the doors of Uptown Smoothies to the public on October 1st, 2018 with the only thing on our mind is serving the public something that was both delicious and good for you. A smoothie lover myself, I chose smoothies because it was an easy way to get the nutrition the body needed and it was something that you could easily travel with. I've always been a very busy person. I wasn't always able to set down to a healthy meal so i looked for healthier and easier options while out. What worked for me was the meal in a cup option. I know many of you can relate.